·     Who is eligible?   This fair primarily supports those students who are home schooled. However students who attend schools that do not have science fairs or students who are alternatively schooled in other ways are also eligible. Please see someone at Quest for any clarification you may need.   Our fair has a Christian worldview and we seek students who work within those parameters.



·     What types of projects are allowed?  Inquiry based projects and engineering and invention projects are our most frequent entries, however, other creative type proposals are all welcome and can compete.  We encourage research which highlights and displays God’s magnificent creation when possible.


·     Projects must be student’s own work. Students with writing penmanship difficulties may dictate to a parent/mentor but it MUST be a student’s own ideas and words.  Both handwritten and typed projects are acceptable.  Parents may type if the student dictates. Prompting them can be ok depending on their skill level. It is appropriate for a parent/mentor to advise students so that this is a learning experience.  Do not tag on to someone else’s research and just do the work for them.   This will lead to very low scores.


·     Projects from individuals, classes, families or other groups of students are allowed.  The project must be entered and judged at the level of the oldest participant.  Group projects are limited to 3 participants.  Class projects may have any number of participants.  Class projects can only be entered up through 5th grade.

·     Projects must be presented on any regular sized, purchased display board. Homemade boards are allowed but need to be the same size as a purchased board.  For high school projects going on to the regional fair, SARSEF, please go to for specific rules on display boards.


·     DISPLAY BOARDProjects must be organized on the display board with EASY to recognize categories. Specifics can be found on the display board page.


·     A WRITTEN PAPER is NOT required for AHSEF but if it is present in printed form in front of the display, it could increase the score given by the judges.  This should be in the format of a journal article you would find in any scientific journal.  If you opt to do this and would like more help, contact QUEST for a mentor.


·     JOURNALS are required for all entries! Journals must be handwritten in grades preK – 8th.  Typed and computer generated journals will be accepted in HS, however the intent and character of an actual scientific journal must be kept.   Be aware that in a patent dispute, electronic journals will not stand up in court.


·     ORAL INTERVIEWS of projects will occur at the science fair. Interviews are REQUIRED for all entrants in grades 6 - 12. They are strongly recommended for all other participants!


Scientific Review Committee (SRC)

 It is absolutely imperative that all projects involving human subjects, vertebrate animals, pathogens, hazardous substances or devices, and animal tissues MUST obtain project approval by the SRC prior to starting the project. Where the projects are less complicated like interviewing subjects, teachers, parents, family, and friends will often say that it is “OK for a project to proceed”, especially if the target is a family pet or if the human subjects happen to be family or friends. This is wrong and usually results in an inability to compete at any level of competition: local, regional, or beyond.  You can call or email Quest for an appeal if you find yourself in this situation. Please note that projects using human subjects must also prepare and have each subject sign a human consent form.


All such projects, no matter how innocent they may appear, must be reviewed by an SRC committee prior to starting the project. For the K-8 grades we have created a special SRC form that is easy to complete and will be quickly reviewed. For those who are unsure if they need project approval by the SRC contact Quest Science Club at or 661-4546 or you may contact the regional fair at SARSEF.   For high school, please contact Quest to determine if you need to complete the paperwork for ISEF before beginning your research.